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2700 Living in Timmins has its advantages, especially when it comes to satellite TV Imagine,  you get all you need to enjoy an endless selection of movies, sorts, regional, programming ... over 100 channels, including Pay-Per-View and over 30 CD-quality continuous music stations.


Now you don't have to settle for ordinary TV With Bell ExpressVu™ digital satellite TV you can have more of what you want and deserve, including:

  • More variety - choose from over 100 channels, including an endless selection of movies, the most sports available anywhere in Canada - over 250 NHL games - as well as regional stations
  • Crystal-clear digital picture and sound~ So now there's no more ghosting, interference or snow
  • Pay only for the types of channels you want
  • Pay-Per-View movies delivered at the speed of light
  • Enjoy a built-in, on-screen program guide without limits
  • Use the "browse" feature to scroll through the on-screen guide while viewing another program - the ultimate in channel surfing
  • Surf by themes, such as movies and sports
  • Create your own favourites list or use the parental lock-outs to block out undesirable channels or content
  • Over 30 channels of interruption-free, CD-quality music from Galaxie
  • Enjoy TV on your terms. The "time shifter" feature gives you flexible TV viewing that fits your schedule. Your favourite Prime Time shows now premiere at different times every night
  • You don't have to pay for TV you're not watching~ When you plan to be away for 2 weeks or more, just call us and we'll temporarily suspend your service at no charge!
  • Immediate connection to our Customer Service Centre, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Hook up to Bell ExpressVu™ and enjoy over 50 channels you can't get on cable, like:

  • Speedvision
  • Headline Sports
  • Treehouse
  • Much More Music
  • CNN Headline News
  • All 4 channels of CTV SportsNet
  • 30 continuous music channels from Galaxie


  • Crystal-clear digital picture and CD-quality sound
  • Our exclusive "time shifter" package of out-of-market channels. Your favourite Prime Time shows now premiere at different times every night. Bell ExpressVu™ is TV on your terms.
  • Along with our "Starters" and "Sports Bar" packages, you will also receive, at no extra charge, our "Season Ticket" package, that includes over 250 NHL games!


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P4N 7H4 Canada
Tel: (705) 264-2301    Fax: (705) 264-3720